Tactical Paintball League (TPL)   

  5-Man Tactical Paintball

Congratulations to Haboob's Tactical Tracer Unit, the 2014 Champions!

Tactical Paintball League (TPL)

The Tactical Paintball League was formed to provide a competitive league for all player types and skill levels.  We have created a 5-man mission driven game format with different roles and objectives to complete for each team member.

Player Roles

The roles in the Tactical Paintball League consist of a Medic, Sniper, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Squad Automatic Weapon Gunner (SAW), and Heavy Weapons. Each role will have            different ammunition and loadout caps, for example, the Sniper can carry a maximum of 50 rounds while the SAW Gunner may use as much as he/she can carry.  The EOD may carry 2 paintball mines while the HW player may carry a rocket launcher.  See player roles here!

 Get Your Team Ready for November 2014

Get your team ready now for the 2014/15 Season.  This season will be bringing you more teams, more fields and more prizes!  Simply e-mail tacticalpaintballleague@gmail.com or read on for more information.

2013/14 Season Results

Round 1 November 10, 2013 Westworld Splatter Ranch

TTU (62 points) defeats GhostS (16 points)

SAU (52 points) defeats Renegade Minds (48 points)


Round 2  December 7, 2013 Fightertown

TTU (53 points) defeats SAU (13 points)

Renegade Minds (54 points) defeats GhostS (24 points)

Leftovers (57 points) defeats FNGs (40 points)


Round 3 January 11, 2014 Fightertown

TSA (55 points) defeats SAU (53 points)

GhostS (59 points) defeats FNGs (22 points)

Renegade Minds (57 points) defeats TTU (46 points)

Round 4 February 9, 2014 Westworld Splatter Ranch

Renegade Minds (57 points) defeats TTU (44 points)

SAU (37 points) defeats FNG (8 points)


Round 5 March 8, 2014 Fightertown

TTU (31 points) defeats SAU (10 points)

Renegade Minds (53 points) defeats TSA (29 points)


Championship Round April 12, 2014


        TTU (47 points) defeats SAU (26 points)

        Renegade Minds (34 points) defeats GhostS (20 points)


         TTU (42 points) defeats Renegade Minds (38 points)

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